Thinking about getting a bonsai? Here’s what you need to know.

Did you know we can grow amazing bonsai trees in our sunny Australian climate? Bonsai are originally outdoor trees, but have now been known for their smaller size, fitting into a small container or pot.

However, trimming and pruning bonsai trees is now considered an art form, with symmetry being one of the main focuses in creating a beautiful masterpiece. By consistently trimming your tree, it allows you to form a particular shape or pattern in the leaves, allowing it to grow in a certain way – this also conserves the energy of the tree. We think it is the perfect way to get creative! 

What Bonsai should I buy?

There are many types of Bonsai, but if you’re a beginner – Fig or Juniper is the most popular and easiest to care for in an indoor space. As Bonsai are evergreen, they’ll be beautiful all year round. You can choose a heartier Bonsai like Maple or Ginkgo which lose their leaves in the winter, or even opt for beautiful flowering Bonsai like the Azalea or Gardenia for a pop of colour in your home.

For those that live in drier areas, Crassula and Jade are the Bonsai for you. They are often known to be drought tolerant and resistant to all types of weather, making it an easy plant to take care of.

How should I care for my Bonsai?

Although you can decide to grow a Bonsai from a seedling, they can take more than five years to grow, and even longer than that to maintain into a certain pattern of shape. You can start from the ground up, or gift someone an already grown Bonsai tree – making the perfect starter plant for them to care for.

Once you’ve made the decision to bring a Bonsai home, make sure that you fertilise it (our slow releasing fertiliser is great), give it a good watering to wash the roots thoroughly (how often you water will depends on the size and shape) and expose your plant to the sun – a windowsill or outdoors is a great spot for Bonsai Trees.

The most important part of keeping Bonsai healthy is of course – trimming! Like a haircut, give your Bonsai a trim with the natural grow – this will also depend on the growing speed of your plant. Make sure you use a sharp pair of bonsai or gardening scissors to avoid ragged edges and allow easy pruning. This is your chance to get creative – there are so many great Bonsai styles to follow.

If you’re struggling to care for your Bonsai, or need some assistance, we offer a pruning and repotting service, which you can enquire about here.  


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