How to take care of your indoor plants this winter

Whether you want to promote a calmer living space, add a pop of greenery to a bedroom or dress up your home office – there are many great reasons to invest in an indoor plant. However, making your greenery survive during the colder months can be a challenge – whether you’re a seasoned plant parent or a total newbie.

We’re here to share our top tips to keep your indoor plants blooming all year. From giant monsteras to small fiddle leaves, we’ve got you covered.

Water at the right time.
Like your skin, your plants are dry during winter, however, it can be tempting to dose them up with lots of water to compensate. This is counterproductive, as winter is the dormant season for most plants. During the colder months, opt for watering your plants fortnightly and make sure you have correct draining systems in place (a hole in the bottom of the pot will do) – If you don’t know when to water, feel the top and the underlayer layer of the soil with your finger and make sure it is completely dry before watering again.

Spray them! 
If you aren’t wanting to water your plants as frequently, another option for you is to mist the leaves. This not only increases photosynthesis (which can help your plant grow), but also removes any dust and debris from the leaves. If you have a heater indoors, make sure you keep it away from your plants as it will draw in the heat, making the soil dryer, quicker. Our Pumpkin Spray Bottle is a great addition to your collection.

Wait to re-pot.
If you’re wanting to upgrade your plant to a bigger pot to grow, make sure you do the right prep before Spring. By adding fertiliser, watering correctly and allowing your plant to grow through the colder months, means you’ll be able to re-pot your plant at the beginning of autumn.

Plants need sunshine, too. 
Just like humans, plants need sunshine and fresh air to keep healthy – believe it or not, most plants will have dry leaves and health issues if they’re stuck inside all day with no fresh air. By allowing fresh airflow by cracking open a window, or even putting your plant out into the sun during the day can allow it to grow throughout winter months.

Made some new friends over winter? 
If you’ve found some new foes have taken over your pot during the winter months, it’s time to invest in some eco-spray. Mealy-bugs, black mites, fungus gnats and black flies are the most common diseases affecting plants over winter, and can be cured by watering intermittently, spraying eco-oil on the soil and isolating away from other plants, preferably outside.

Succulents still need your love.
Although there is common knowledge that succulents are great for plant first timers, it is often met with frustration when they die after a couple of months. Although they are low maintenance, they can be easy to kill if not cared for properly. By spraying the leaves and minimally watering the succulents once a month, you are still able to keep it alive.

There are heaps of other great first-time plants.
If you’re wanting a larger plant, monsteras and rubber plants are also great for first time plant owners – with lots of fun pots to dress them up, and lots of sizes, you’ll be growing and re-potting come spring!

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